Norway, the Next Destination for Indian Nurses

If you’re a nurse who has received education in India and wants to live and work in Norway, NLB Healthcare can assist you at every stage. We are currently seeking nurses for employment in Norway.

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    (Indian-recognized Nursing degree required)


    NLB Healthcare has launched its
    ‘Nurses for Norway program’
    which offers nurses amazing
    job opportunities in Norway

    Nurse Annual Salary ranges from
    € 41000 to € 47000

    The salary is without any extras for evening/night, weekends, bank holidays and overtime. In a normal position the extras will amount to between € 5000 to € 13000 a year.

    Advance your career in Norway’s nursing community

    NLB Healthcare has launched its ‘Nurses for Norway program’ which offers nurses amazing job opportunities in Norway as medical nurse. Applicants must complete some additional bridging courses. NLB Healthcare will facilitate this end-to-end process from hiring to training to placement to the onboarding and everything in between. In collaboration with Nursing Norway AS and TPO AS, NLB Healthcare provides a Training and Placement Program for Indian nurses to live, work and settle in Norway.

    Benefits of working in Norway as a nurse

    • Immense career opportunities in the social welfare and healthcare sector
    • Recognized among the top 10 Happiest Countries in the World by the UN
    • A permanent, full-time contract and a salary guarantee of up to 100%
    • Annual salary of € 41,000 – € 47,000 gross per year (Without any extras for evenings/nights, weekends, bank holidays and overtime)
    • The best nurse/patient ratio in Europe with 1 nurse for every 10 patients
    • A paid travel program to your home country
    • Work as a nurse in Public Centres
    • Accommodation and expenses included in shared or individual house
    • Summer pay of 12% of the annual gross salary (feriepenger)
    • Possibility of doing a nursing speciality
    • Potential immigration for your family in the future

    Experience the stunning natural landscapes and embrace the Norwegian lifestyle

    Norway is a highly attractive destination for nurses seeking job opportunities. With a progressive society that values the contributions of healthcare professionals, Norway is a great place to start or advance your nursing career. The country boasts stunning natural landscapes, a rich cultural history, and a reputation for cutting-edge advancements in healthcare. Nurses in Norway enjoy competitive salaries, excellent benefits, and opportunities for professional and personal growth. Come experience the vibrant culture and maximize your career potential as a nurse in Norway.


    • Nurses with BSC & above degree holders can apply
    • Good English language skills are required
    • A minimum work experience of 2 years is required
    • A valid Indian nursing license is mandatory
    • Candidates with a driving license will get additional weightage
    • Documents, like valid passports, educational certificates, experience letters, and copies of a nursing syllabus, will be validated

    Becoming a Nurse in Norway

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