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    The current eligibility requirements are:

    1. A recognised nursing degree – B.Sc. / Post Basic B.Sc. or higher from India
    2. A minimum 1 year of current work experience &
    3. A requisite score in the English Language – IELTS / OET *
      Reading Listening Writing Speaking
      IELTS 7 7 6.5 7
      OET B B C+ B

    One has to clear the following milestones post-meeting all the 3 eligibility criteria:

    1. Video Interview with NHS
    2. Register with NMC UK (This requires an offer letter from NHS which you will clearing your video interview)
    3. Clear the NMC Competency Test – CBT (NHS Computer Based Test).
      We advise you to prepare for CBT while your papers are being verified by NMC.
    4. When NMC clearance is received, VISA and Ticket process is done.
    5. Reach NHS and start working at Band 3 or 4, depending on your experience.
    6. Clear OSCE (NHS final Objective Structured Clinical Examination)

    Post clearing CBT and OSCE you will be finally entitled to work as a Registered Nurse (RN) in the UK

    Upon reaching the UK you only get 6 months to appear for CBT & OSCE, therefore we at NLB advise you to clear CBT before going as that gives ample time to prepare and clear OSCE.
    Also NHS only pays for 1 OSCE attempt, if not cleared rest need to be self-financed.

    The starting salary will be:
    £ 25,214 per annum which at the current exchange rate of ₹105 translates to ₹ 26,47,000 per annum** i.e. in upwards of ₹ 2,20,200 per month for Band 4

    Once you clear OSCE then you will be entitled to a salary of £ 28,407 per annum which at the current exchange rate of ₹105 translates to ₹29,82,000 per annum* i.e. in upwards of 2,48,500 per month for BAND 5.

    From the time you clear IELTS/OET, it can take anywhere from 2 to 5 months

    TIER II (General) Work VISA (This VISA is for the expats who go to UK with a job offer in hand).

    At NLB we facilitate this VISA as we have a demand from NHS with us. Most of the agents send the applicants on TIER 1 VISA where the job is to be searched for upon reaching the UK which is pretty tough and expensive

    Upon reaching the location, you are provided accommodation for the first 2 months and then you will be helped in getting your own accommodation.
    Transport & medical insurance from DAY 1 and accommodation after 2 months will have to be taken care of by the NURSE from her/ his salary.

    3 years, renewable work contract based on your performance.
    You get to work for 37.5 hrs. per week for 5 days a week.
    You will be entitled for 25 days of annual leave.

    From language tests to OSCE, tentatively between ₹ 80,000 to ₹1,10,000 on the processes only.

    No, there are no scholarships as this is not a study related VISA.

    The current demand for 400 Nurses with us is for the NHS Trust Hospitals in and around London & Greater London area, Manchester, North England, and West England.

    Because we have Nursing Expertise and guarantee assured placements with NHS. Moreover, we guide and handhold you throughout the process, including OET and CBT. In addition to this we provide transparency and value for time and money so that you can achieve your goals.

    Because you will be in our database and we will be keeping you informed about the NHS recruitment process and support in your preparation. You will become part of our exclusive WhatsApp group and will be receiving regular tips for English Language preparation too.
    So, why wait? Register and send us the following documents.

      1. Updated CV
      2. Copy of your passport
      3. IELTS/ OET Scorecard (If available)
      4. Experience Certificate(s)

    * These English language requirements may be revised from time to time
    ** The currency conversion rate changes every day, the prices shown here are as per the day of releasing this document

    DISCLAIMER: The information given above is best to our knowledge and research and any changes to the same will be updated accordingly for further distribution. AHS or any of its services and employees will not be responsible for any change in information or associated criteria.

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